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Review - Meeting the Ideological Challenge of Islamism

Meeting the Ideological Challenge of Islamism

Anna Bekele and Patrick Sookhdeo, editors
Isaac Publishing
6729 Curran Street, McLean, VA 22101
9780991614592 $15.00 www.isaac-publishing.us

Five learned contributors (Patrick Sookhdeo, Robert R. Reilly, J. Michael Waller, Anna Bekele, and Stephen Ulph) present informed and informative essays about the challenging problem of Islamic extremist ideology. How can the worldview, methodologies, and motivations of violent Islamist groups be effectively countered? In a modern era when globalized information (and misinformation!) coexists with sectarian violence, territorial war, and a growing refugee crisis, Meeting the Ideological Challenge of Islamism is desperately needed and worthy of the highest recommendation for public and college library Islamic Studies shelves. The individual essays are "The Role of Religion in the Battle Space since 9/11", "Information Operations: Successes and Failures", "The Muslim Brotherhood: Doctrine, Strategy, Operations and Vulnerabilities", "Islamist Activism through the Lens of Social Science", and "The Importance of Progressive Arab Reformers".


Wisconsin Bookwatch: November 2015

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Midwest Book Review

Islamic Studies Shelf